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Nexxis iLAB 5.02

Labtronics has released Nexxis iLAB 5.02, a total lab automation system. Nexxis iLAB, the integrated lab, integrates ELN, SDMS and instrument integration into a single package. It enhances the value of any existing LIMS by providing missing functionality not found in the LIMS. 

Nexxis iLAB 5.02 adds enhanced Oracle support. All instrument and ELN data can be stored in Oracle databases using standard Oracle functionality. The enhancements result in a much faster system and better reporting capabilities.

New functionality has been added to the software that allows the Nexxis ELN module to collect data from complex instruments. Data from instruments such as CDS, ICP and mass specs can now be captured and added to ELN worksheets automatically. Nexxis ELN is also able to communicate with LIMS directly, allowing it to retrieve sample information.

With a focus on real-time integration and workflow control, Nexxis iLAB works at the bench level. It controls the analyst step by step to ensure that mistakes are minimised. Instead of tracking training records it enforces training and prevents an analyst from doing work if training has expired. Expiration dates on chemicals and the calibration of instruments are current and enforced. Such real-time control over the work in the lab translates into simplified approval processes and faster product release.


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