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Nexxis SDMS

Labtronics has released Nexxis SDMS, a powerful and cost effective scientific data management system that stores and manages scientific data and documentation while integrating with existing laboratory informatics systems such as LIMS, ELN, ERP and instrument data systems.

Nexxis SDMS combines the power of LimsLink for collecting, parsing and reporting laboratory data with the proven success of the KnowledgeTree documentation system for central, secure storage and retrieval of documents.

LimsLink's graphical data parser extracts complete and accurate metadata from instrument files, without any custom coding, and uses that metadata to tag files as they are stored in Nexxis SDMS. At the same time, LimsLink can parse the raw data and send reports directly to LIMS or other informatics applications.

Nexxis SDMS is available as a standalone application or as an addition to the existing Nexxis iLAB suite of informatics solutions.


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