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Nexxis ELN

Labtronics has announced that its Nexxis ELN supports the latest release of ReDI Technology, the industry's fastest deployment technology for converting paper-based forms into electronic worksheets. ReDI Technology speeds up the time required to develop ELN worksheets, reducing the time it takes to deploy an ELN.

ReDI Technology is a graphical process that allows users with little training to develop highly automated worksheets. Users simply drag and drop controls onto the worksheet and then they select a few parameters to define the automation. For example, adding a signature block and selecting "e-sig with change reason" defines the functionality at run time. No programming is required.

Robert Pavlis, President of Labtronics commented: 'With ReDI Technology worksheets can be created in Nexxis ELN in minutes instead of hours or days. This eliminates the single biggest barrier to adopting an ELN for routine analysis - the conversion of existing paper forms to electronic worksheets. For customers with hundreds or thousands of pages to convert, ReDI Technology will provide them with huge savings. I can't imagine deploying an ELN without this technology.'

The most recent version of ReDI, version 5.01, incorporates some very significant advancements. It is now easy to add rich text controls which can be used to paste in charts, tables and pictures from Microsoft office products as well as lab specific applications such as chemical drawing programs. ReDI technology also now supports URL links making it easy to add a direct link to raw data files from instruments or to documents in an SDMS, such as Nexxis SDMS.


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