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Mellanox Technologies, a supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems, has announced the availability of new RDMA InfiniBand and Ethernet long-haul interconnect solutions as part of the company’s MetroX product line.

MetroX products enable long-reach, high-throughput RDMA connectivity within and between data centres across multiple geographically distributed sites. It is intended to enable IT managers to effectively connect remote data centres together, and provide faster disaster recovery and better utilisation of remote storage or compute infrastructures.

The new systems are part of the MetroX long-haul interconnect solution family and include:

  • MetroDX TX6000 – MetroX based system aimed at internal data centre long reach connectivity or between close data center compute and storage infrastructures. The TX6000 supports 18 long-haul ports running 40Gb/s to a distance up to 1,000 meters; and
  • MetroX TX6200 –MetroX based system that enables longer reach campus and metro data centre connectivity. The TX6200 supports two long-haul ports running 10/40Gb/s to a distance up to 100km.

The two new systems are in addition to the recently announced MetroX TX6100 system, which supports six ports running 40Gb/s to a distance up to 10km.


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