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MetroX TX6100

Mellanox Technologies has announced the general availability of its MetroX TX6100 solution that enables InfiniBand and Ethernet RDMA connectivity between data centres. MetroX allows for rapid disaster recovery and improved utilisation of remote storage and compute infrastructures across long distances and multiple geographic sites.

Commonly used for internal data centre long reach connectivity, or between close data centre compute and storage infrastructures, the MetroX series extends Mellanox InfiniBand solutions from a single-location data centre network to campus and metro data centres at a distance of up to 10 kilometres.

Purdue University in the US successfully deployed MetroX TX6100 over six kilometres to connect computation clusters to storage facilities. Providing access to its remotely sited supercomputers enables the university to organise assets to limited data centre space more flexibly, resulting in higher facilities utilisation without increased construction or building retrofit costs. The savings come without sacrificing performance.


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