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Maplesoft Announces Strategic Partnership with ISKO engineers AG

Maplesoft, a provider of computational tools for simulation and analysis, has entered into a partnership agreement with ISKO engineers, one of Germany’s leading providers of CAE services and solutions.

Located in Munich, ISKO engineers will provide consulting services around Maplesoft’s products, specifically Maple and MapleSim, for virtual prototyping of engineering designs, design-space exploration and design parameter optimisation.

Their services will cover multi-domain dynamic-system model development, analysis tools for parameter studies and optimisation, model-preparation for software and hardware-in-the-loop (SIL, HIL) testing, as well as product training.

Paul Goossens, Vice-President, engineering solutions at Maplesoft said: ‘We have seen a surge in demand for our solution-development services in the US and Asia over the last two years, and that demand is starting to emerge in Europe. Up to now, ISKO engineers  has helped us address that demand on an ad-hoc basis, and making a formal commitment to the relationship will enable us to serve our markets more effectively.’

‘We are very pleased to be part of the Maplesoft solution for virtual prototyping and optimization of engineering systems designs,’ said Ioannis Nitsopoulos, head of business development at ISKO engineers. ‘Their technologies provide some uniquely powerful capabilities that have already brought tremendous cost benefits to several of our clients, and we look forward to developing this further throughout our mutual markets.’

The combination of Maplesoft’s proven technology with ISKO’s expertise will help engineering organizations in the automotive, aerospace and machine design industries to better understand how their products will behave, address design issues and optimize performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional design methods.

Together with IPG Automotive, Maplesoft and ISKO engineers will be demonstrating the power of this approach at the 15th Stuttgart International Symposium in their joint presentation: ‘Concept Analysis & System Design of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Virtual Test Driving.’


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