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Bricscad V11

Bricsys has released the latest version of its Bricscad CAD platform for Windows. Bricsys V11 adds key features to the popular .dwg CAD alternative. The software offers a high level of .dwg compatibility and more than 160 third party applications, which are constantly being added to.

Bricscad V11 includes support for editing dynamic blocks. Dynamic blocks can be inserted from existing dynamic blocks libraries - properties and constraints can be adjusted in the properties bar. PDF files can be used as an underlay and Bricscad V11 enables snapping to the geometry of the PDF entities. Bricscad V11 has a handy layer preview. In the layer section of the drawing explorer, the content of each layer displays in the preview pane.

The Graphical User Interface has been enhanced with support for new style grips, dynamic input and dynamic dimensions. This is a huge improvement in the interface and makes drawing in Bricscad more direct and more dynamic than ever.

Bricscad V11 Pro has the powerful Redway3D rendering engine inside, allowing rendering in permanent mode. Bricsys claims that this rendering technology is one of the fastest in the industry. Lights and materials can be defined in the drawing explorer. Settings to define materials allow fine-tuning to the very last detail. The company states that Bricsys for linux is under development.


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