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LMS Scadas Lab

LMS International has launched the new LMS Scadas Lab front-end solution for high-speed data acquisition and signal conditioning in laboratory environments. Sharing a common hardware platform with the LMS Scadas Mobile range, it features a 19-inch rack-mountable frame, an eight to 2,000+ channel count range and an AC power supply. Data acquisition performance is aided by a constantly high throughput of 14 MSamples/s and high-channel density up to 160 input channels per frame.

The flexible system comes with various signal conditioning modules and a choice of connectors, such as BNC, CAMAC and Sub-D for patch panel configuration. The LMS Scadas Lab integrates with the LMS Test.Lab software suite to provide a solid engineering solution for noise, vibration, acoustic and durability challenges. Each LMS Scadas Lab set-up can be supplemented with a selection of portable LMS Scadas Mobile units for additional channel capacity and specialty work, eliminating the need for dedicated systems and separate devices.


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