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Imagine.Lab OPTIMUS

LMS International has launched its Imagine.Lab OPTIMUS. With the integration of OPTIMUS, Imagine.Lab AMESim gains new capabilities to capture and automate 1D simulation processes that allow for the quick assessment of multiple design options. This new optimisation module also enables design and engineering teams to automatically select the optimal design, taking into account multiple performance targets and Six Sigma criteria.

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim offers a complete 1D simulation platform to model and analyse multi-domain, intelligent systems and predict their multi-disciplinary performance. OPTIMUS was developed in collaboration with Noesis Solutions, a subsidiary of LMS, specialising in developing solutions for process integration and design optimisation.

Through the interactive interface, users can capture the different steps and parameter settings in their simulation process. Once captured, non-expert users can apply the complete process without having to worry about what to do and when to do it. A quick rerun of this process lets users explore multiple design alternatives, which translates into higher productivity.LMS Imagine.Lab OPTIMUS automatically explores a multitude of design alternatives using design of experiment and response surface modeling techniques.


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