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LMS Virtual.Lab for Ansys

LMS International has launched four LMS Virtual.Lab packages tailored to the Ansys user community, and extending the latter's engineering performance simulation capability.

The packages include individual versions of four dedicated LMS Virtual.Lab modules, each designed to enhance the Ansys user experience offering more detailed simulation and design capabilities for multi-body simulation, structural durability, acoustics and test-simulation correlation.

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion for Ansys offers a highly efficient, completely integrated solution to build multi-body models that simulate the full-dynamic-motion behavior of complex mechanical system designs.LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics for Ansys provides an integrated solution to minimise radiated noise or optimise the sound quality. LMS Virtual.Lab Durability for Ansys predicts fatigue hotspots and fatigue life by combining dynamic component loads and fatigue material parameters with Ansys Structural Simulation stress results. LMS Virtual.Lab Correlation for Ansys empowers users to compare test-based and virtual component models for more productive simulation.


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