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LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 9

LMS International has released the latest version of its multi-domain system simulation solution LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Revision 9. The new release delivers a straightforward, interactive framework with advanced capabilities for performing 1D system simulation. With improved ergonomics, enhanced data management, ready-to-use simulators – e.g. for hybrid vehicle architectures – and Modelica compliancy, LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Revision 9 offers users brand-new features that will drastically improve productivity and efficiency to design innovative and high-quality products.

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Revision 9 comes with turnkey simulators for various applications in a wide range of industries: powertrain, hybrid vehicles, comfort and driving dynamics for the automotive sector, fluid actuators for aviation and full-wheel loader simulators for the off-highway industry. With these simulators, users no longer have to build their model from scratch and only need to adapt the model to the architecture. Users can then quickly assess drivability and comfort issues as well as performance and fuel consumption.

The new release features improved ergonomics and data management to optimise productivity. For example, cycle analysis is made easier with 1D and modulo plots as well as multiple 3D animation windows. Users can now easily manage the history of component parameter changes and model architecture changes. Sensitivity analyses can be stored in a unique LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim model file and easily recovered with a specific experiment-load-and-save GUI.


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