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LimsLink/Nexxis SDMS

LimsLink, from Labtronics, now includes Nexxis SDMS, a web-based scientific data management system that provides laboratories with secure storage and retrieval of scientific data and documentation.

This combination gives laboratories a fully automated process for storing raw instrument data and instrument reports in a fully searchable SDMS, at the same time that sample results are being automatically transferred to LIMS.

Users can capture any instrument raw data or report, and automatically extract metadata from raw data files or reports, without any custom programming. It is also now possible to automatically extract sample results for reporting to LIMS or other informatics applications, and save raw data and metadata in Nexxis SDMS and send sample result data to LIMS, ERP, etc.

The funcionality allows simple Google-like searches of all of instrument data, while Nexxis SDMS can be used as a lab document management system for other documents such as SOPs.

Nexxis SDMS has also been integrated into Nexxis ELN.


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