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InfiniteStorage 5000

SGI has released InfiniteStorage 5000, a RAID storage system that combines leading edge hardware with a choice of interfaces and drive technologies in a powerful external storage platform. This system provides advanced features and configuration flexibility to accommodate a broad selection of data store requirements with mid-range performance at entry-level affordability. SGI InfiniteStorage 5000 is SGI's first storage system to employ 6Gb/s SAS technology.

SGI InfiniteStorage 5000 provides customers with improved performance and scalability, multi-protocol host connectivity, flexible drive support, data security features and advanced energy savings. With SGI's DMF software, SGI InfiniteStorage 5000 is an ideal primary or secondary storage solution for tiered virtualisation implementations. It is also ideal as a front-end for active archive architectures using an SGI COPAN MAID solution on the back-end. It perfectly complements SGI Altix UV server and Rackable rackmount server environments.

SGI InfiniteStorage 5000 delivers bandwidth up to 4,000 MB/s on sustained reads from disk, a 4X performance improvement compared to the previous generation product. The system delivers 40,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second) random disk reads, a more than 2X improvement over the prior generations.


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