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IncrediBuild-XGE, a software-based distributed computing solution that accelerates time-intensive computational processes such as simulation and modelling for CAD/CAM, fluid and mechanical dynamics and 3D analysis, is available from Xoreax.

IncrediBuild-XGE is already being used in simulation testing of industrial software and equipment to ensure it can operate in any mission-critical situation, reducing processing time from days to a few hours. Xoreax states that Sarin, a developer and manufacturer specialising in diamond-cutting analysis systems, has reduced processing time from 40 hours to less than two.

XGE technology transforms a network of PCs and servers into a private cloud in which every node – from user workstations to dedicated servers – contributes unutilised processing power to form a dynamic, accessible and fault-tolerant HPC environment. This eliminates the need for dedicated computer farms and lowers on-going maintenance costs. IncrediBuild-XGE also allows processing to scale out to public clouds.


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