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Penguin computing unveils HPC, AI and analytics, cloud, and data solutions

Penguin Computing has announced a series of new solutions and four technology practices to help customers modernise their enterprises with the power of emerging technologies and software-defined architectures for data-intensive, HPC, AI, and cloud-native applications.

Technical computing is evolving faster than ever and the technologies required for compute-intensive research and enterprise computing are undergoing a profound and exciting transformation. 

Software-defined architectures combined with a proliferation of new processing and storage platforms are driving unprecedented advances in HPC, AI, Machine Learning (ML), data analytics, and cloud-native platforms.

While increased workload specialisation and virtualisation and container technologies are driving users deeper into the application space and further from the hardware, the platforms they depend on are becoming increasingly complex. 

Explosive data growth is continuing to drive new access and performance requirements, while AI and ML expertise needed to gain insight from that data are scarce. Lastly, Cloud 2.0 is driving educated consumers from a cloud-first to cloud-appropriate approach.  The emerging paradigm is a compute continuum of on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud targeted to workloads, workflows, and budget requirements. 

While these trends and advances are game-changing, successfully incorporating these technologies into daily operations is challenging without clearly defined goals, the right skill sets, and the essential technology partnerships to guide the process.

Penguin Computing leverages decades of experience delivering fully packaged, tested, and supported platforms to offer solutions that empower customers to transform their compute-intensive infrastructures. To help customers capitalise on the opportunity to modernise their enterprises, Penguin Computing is offering a series of end-to-end solutions and services delivered through four new technology practices: HPC, AI and Analytics, Data, and Cloud. Through these practices, Penguin Computing is making advanced technologies more accessible and dramatically shortening the time needed for adoption.

Penguin Computing Technology Practices:

‘The rapid evolution of our market is creating new and valuable technologies at an ever-increasing rate,’ said Sid Mair, president of Penguin Computing.  “The solutions that we are launching today provide our customers the platform needed to effectively leverage these technologies to transform their technical computing infrastructure.”

‘In recent years, Penguin Computing has shown strong momentum in the expanding worldwide market for HPC, including AI and cloud-based HPC. Along with organic growth in established markets, more enterprises are adopting HPC to keep their business operations competitive,’ said Steve Conway, senior advisor, HPC Market Dynamics at Hyperion Research. ‘Penguin Computing’s new solutions group is targeting enterprises looking to modernise and unlock the power of their data. For those that don’t have adequate HPC and IT expertise in-house, Penguin Computing has the ability to fill the knowledge gap as needed to meet company goals.’


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