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IDBS release web-based ELN

IDBS has announced the release of a fully featured web-based chemistry electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). As a module of the flagship E‑WorkBook platform, the product is designed to support synthetic organic workflows in discovery chemistry.

The E‑WorkBook for Chemistry module strengthens IDBS’ existing web capabilities, and follows on from a strategic technology partnership with ChemAxon, announced in 2015.

IDBS leveraged its existing deep domain experience in chemistry, coupled with customer and market inputs, to develop the new, professional web-based chemistry product. The intuitive working environment covers all aspects of chemists’ workflow, including support for reaction planning, stoichiometry, molecule naming, semi- automated procedure write-ups, inventory lookup and compound registration.

IDBS recognises that integration to multiple external systems is important to meet the requirements of working in the modern laboratory environment. The ecosystem of tools to support chemists’ workflow is foremost in the development of E‑WorkBook for Chemistry and IDBS is developing partnerships to provide registration, analytical spectral handling, SAR and in-silico molecular property information.

Paul Denny-Gouldson, vice president for strategic solutions at IDBS, said, ‘The addition of the new web chemistry module to the E‑WorkBook platform complements IDBS’ deep-domain biology expertise and bolsters its single, cross-domain platform, offering customers the best technology to support their research. This capability strengthens our solution and it forms a clear part of our growth strategy to partner with like- minded organizations, to provide an end-to-end enterprise R&D data management platform which delivers on a global level across all scientific domains.’

Direct feedback from the market has been very positive, saying ‘the software looks very intuitive and already has better features than other existing vendors’. IDBS feels that developing the product in conjunction with customers will help ensure the product meets the market demand, and that customers are empowered by being able to give direct input into the development process.

Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO at ChemAxon said: ‘Our developing partnership with IDBS offers E‑WorkBook customers the tools to perform at the highest level, by streamlining the discovery and development process using modern web-based technology. We look forward to our continued collaboration with IDBS and their product updates in the near future.’

The E‑WorkBook web platform can be deployed in an on premise or SaaS environment, enabling rapid deployment in organizations and partnering CROs, allowing for efficient research in a single solution. IDBS will continue to deepen their partnership with ChemAxon and to improve the E‑WorkBook for Chemistry module, with additional releases scheduled for September and December 2016.


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