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Iceotope extends silent liquid cooling to GPU computing

Iceotope, a supplier of liquid cooling technology, has announced the availability of a silent, liquid cooled GPU compatible server blade to accommodate high-performance computing components such as graphics cards and media accelerators.

Iceotope’s new GPU server allows users to add greater flexibility and scalability to high-performance computing operations while realising the significant energy and space savings made possible through liquid cooling technology. With heat generating IT components housed in a sealed blade and immersed in a safe, non-flammable coolant, Iceotope’s GPU server is contained within a resilient cabinet occupying less than one square metre of floor space and operates in virtual silence. It can be deployed alongside the teams that use it in almost any space, including office, laboratories, factories and logistics areas.

Capable of accommodating the latest 225W GPUs, Iceotope’s GPU server can support up to 4.2 TFLOPS of peak double precision floating point performance. It consumes 80 per cent less cooling energy than air-cooled systems and enables users to achieve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) levels of less than 1.1.

Peter Hopton, founder and technology director at Iceotope, comments: 'This is a great milestone for Iceotope and a big step forward for more sustainable high-performance computing. HPC users no longer need to choose between accelerated performance and improved data centre efficiency, now they can achieve both.'

'By incorporating GPU computing within our unique liquid cooled blade design we’ve added greater expandability and flexibility to our product range and made it possible for users to achieve faster results and undertake more complex analysis at the same time as making significant savings on the amount of floor space and energy used for IT.'


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