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Dotmatics to deliver the foundation for Croda’s R&D digital program

Dotmatics, a scientific informatics software and services company that aims to drive automation of laboratory data workflows has announced it has been selected by Croda to implement its Research and Development (R&D) digital program. 

This project will deepen Croda’s ability to innovate collaboratively, both internally and externally, delivering enhanced data science capability across the company’s global R&D knowledge base through the implementation of the Dotmatics’ electronic lab notebook (ELN).

Damian Kelly, Vice President Innovation & Technology Development at Croda commented: ‘At Croda, the role of R&D is to develop our Smart science to improve lives. Our R&D digital program will further support our existing capability to provide sustainable, innovative, technology-rich products to our customers. The Dotmatics platform is an important part of our digital program and will enable rapid and easy access to research data.’ 

‘Our scientists are driving our digital transformation program with the goal of accelerating the development of our technology platforms and delivering the best sustainable solutions to our customers.’   

With this project, Croda aims to accelerate innovation delivery, enhance customer collaborations and generate growth through more impactful innovation of sustainability-driven solutions. Intensification of Croda’s data-driven approach to innovation will see the company move towards data mining, providing a foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning efforts to shorten product development lifecycles. Investment in a knowledge management platform supports the company’s strategy to further innovation and increase its proportion of new and protected products. 

Steve Gallagher, CEO of Dotmatics, commented: ‘We are delighted to have been chosen as a partner by Croda to implement their R&D digital program and we warmly welcome them to the Dotmatics community of global scientific organisations.’

‘Implementing Dotmatics’ unified platform will allow Croda researchers to better leverage valuable corporate R&D knowledge and data. Web-based rapid capture, search and retrieval of data combined with advanced analytics will support global shared decision-making: further empowering scientists to innovate.’

Dotmatics will equip Croda scientists with a complete ELN solution including experiment capture, entity registration and sample tracking, data retrieval, and full data analytics. The unified platform will accommodate Croda’s workflow across biotechnology, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, formulation and claims substantiation - allowing researchers to trace, share, secure and exploit all their R&D data internally as well as facilitating collaboration with external partners including customers and academic institutions.


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