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HyperWorks 12.0

Altair has released HyperWorks 12.0, which it describes as the most comprehensive computer-aided engineering platform in the PLM market.

HyperWorks 12.0 offers new functionalities and end-user productivity advancements in product optimisation, finite element modelling, multi-physics analysis, powertrain durability analysis, lightweight design and many others.

'HyperWorks 12.0 provides automated and easy-to-use features that save time, ensure accuracy and improve products by making them lighter and by offering the opportunity for much more design exploration,' said James Brancheau, Altair’s chief technical officer.

'The very tight integration and interoperability of the open-platform HyperWorks suite allow engineers, designers and analysts to create and evaluate every aspect of their products with assurance that they have found the best design for their objectives.'


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