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Hybrid-Core Memcached Appliance

Convey Computer has introduced the latest addition to its hybrid-core (HC) series, the Convey HC Memcached appliance. In addition to providing an order of magnitude higher throughput than commodity servers, while maintaining sub-millisecond response time, the new Convey HC Memcached server dramatically reduces cost of ownership by slashing power, cooling, and maintenance costs.

Memcached is an open-source, high-performance, distributed memory caching system used in data centres around the world. Although this popular caching system works well, today’s ever increasing network traffic and rapidly growing datasets are presenting throughput and scalability challenges. In order to keep memcached response times low, organisations are adding more servers, which presents a different challenge. As the number of servers increase, the number of memcached instances increase, causing a cascading amount of requests. At a certain point, these requests overwhelm the network and actually decrease throughput.

Instead of adding servers, Convey believes that a better approach is to increase the performance of the servers themselves, allowing each server to service more requests. Convey’s memcached appliance dramatically increases throughput and reduces latency in a single platform.


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