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Financial Analytics Personality

Convey Computer has introduced its Financial Analytics Personality (FAP) for the Convey HC-1 servers. Convey's FAP will meet the analytical needs of quantitative analysts, data centre IT professionals, and financial-services executives. As Wall Street steps up its algorithmic arms race, Convey is poised to help institutions extract the most power and efficiency from their high-performance computing environments.

The ANSI-standard Convey compilers automatically recognise constructs in the application that can take advantage of hardware speed-ups, so the developer doesn't need to know the intricacies of the hardware to reap these performance benefits.

The FAP is the latest in the company's series of computing 'personalities', or application-specific instruction sets that help provide increases in performance for specific high-performance computing functions. The HC-1, which fits smoothly into existing data centres as a node in a cluster and is based on x86 architecture, also uses industry-standard networking and runs industry-standard Linux.


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