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HMPP 2.3

Caps Enterprise has released version 2.3 of its HMPP directive-based hybrid compiler. It also features an enhanced Cuda back-end, as well as support for more native compilers, such as Intel ifort/icc, GNU gcc/gfortran and PGI pgcc/pgfort.

Based on GPU programming and tuning directives, HMPP offers an incremental programming model that allows developers with different levels of expertise to fully exploit GPU hardware accelerators in their legacy code. 

As an emerging open programming standard, OpenCL back-end expands the portfolio of targets supported by HMPP to the AMD ATI GPUs. The OpenCL version of HMPP fully supports AMD and Nvidia GPU compute processors, bringing to users a wider set of hybrid platforms they can execute their applications on. Recently released, the Nvidia Tesla 200-series GPUs, based on the Fermi architecture, are also supported by HMPP 2.3.


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