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HMPP Workbench 3.1

Caps entreprise has announced that HMPP Workbench 3.1 supports OpenACC version 1.0. It is the first of the company’s releases to do so.

Based on a common set of directives for C and Fortran languages, OpenACC aids programmers in taking advantage of the processing power of heterogeneous many-core architectures. Its multi-platform and multi-vendor compatible model offers a way to preserve investment in legacy applications by enabling an easy migration path to accelerated computing.

‘The GPU computing breakthrough has allowed many users to propose new massively parallel codes to advance many scientific fields. With OpenACC we are simplifying the use of accelerators and leveraging legacy applications. We are very confident that this will help to further broaden the community taking advantage of many-core technologies,’ said François Bodin, Caps CTO.


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