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GRC designates August as data centre liquid immersion cooling awareness month

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) has announced it will provide educational sessions with end-users and other data centre stakeholders, discussing the efficiency benefits, as well as the reduction in CapEx and OpEx, by deploying liquid immersion cooling.

With the summer months quickly approaching and data centre managers increasing efforts to keep their operations cool, GRC, the leader in single-phase data centre liquid immersion cooling, announced today the first annual Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month, to take place in August.

Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month is intended to further educate the data centre community on the technology and its advantage over air-cooled facilities. Liquid immersion cooling is capable of reducing the energy consumption of today’s data centres while enabling high-density deployments. Implementing immersion cooling at any phase of a data centre’s life cycle will allow operators to minimise both CapEx and OpEx, enable high-density deployments, and significantly reduce energy consumption.

The month-long educational initiative comes at a critical time—data centre energy usage continues to skyrocket; enterprises and colocation facilities are under pressure from both customers and suppliers to find ways to reduce their corporate carbon footprint and become more sustainable; and the recent attention that Bitcoin mining energy consumption has garnered has only fueled demands.

Throughout the month of August via a series of webinars, GRC will be joined by a number of data centre end-users, analysts, and industry experts who will help educate operators and others in the industry through case studies that illustrate how liquid immersion cooling results in highly efficient and cost-effective data centres. Also joining the discussion will be several server manufacturers.

When data centres deploy liquid immersion cooling, they see a significant reduction in energy when compared with traditional air-cooled facilities, as well as realise expanded capacity without increasing their existing footprint or over-expending of precious capital.

‘Liquid immersion cooling provides a dramatic and long-lasting effect on data centre energy consumption,’ said Larry Kosch, director of product marketing at GRC. ‘With airflow management still the predominant form of data centre cooling, I look forward to Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month increasing understanding of the technology and its economic and environmental benefits, as well highlighting the ease in which air-cooled data centres can be seamlessly retrofitted to liquid immersion cooling.’

Please visit to learn more about this initiative and the lineup of educational sessions as they are announced.


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