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PTAB determines challenged claims of two Asetek patents asserted against CoolIT are unpatentable

CoolIT Systems has announced that on August 19, 2021, under 35 U.S.C. § 318, the US Patent and Trademark Office's Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) issued two Final Written Decisions determining that all challenged claims of US Patent Nos. 10,078,354 (the “’354 patent”) and 10,078,355 (the “’355 patent”), under which Asetek Danmark A/S (“Asetek”) has sued CoolIT for alleged infringement, are unpatentable.

Both the ’354 and ’355 patents relate to liquid cooling for computers.  Asetek has asserted various claims of these two patents against CoolIT in an ongoing district court litigation.  In February 2020, CoolIT filed Inter Parties Review (“IPR”) petitions to challenge the claims in these patents asserted against CoolIT.

In its IPR petitions, CoolIT pointed out that six claims of the ’354 patent, and eight claims of the ’355 patents, were invalid in view of the prior art. The PTAB instituted IPR trials in response to CoolIT’s petitions, and, after receiving written and oral arguments from both CoolIT and Asetek, the PTAB found all challenged claims of these two patents either anticipated or rendered obvious by the prior art.  As a result, all challenged claims of the ’354 and ’355 patents that Asetek has asserted against CoolIT in a patent infringement suit pending in the Northern District of California, have been deemed unpatentable.

CEO, Steve Walton, commented, 'We appreciate the PTAB’s attention to detail throughout the IPR process and are thrilled that the PTAB recognized the invalidity of all challenged claims of Asetek’s ’354 and ’355 patents asserted against CoolIT.  CoolIT is committed to protecting our right to compete fairly in the market and to leading the innovation of liquid cooling technology.'



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