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GenoLogics has announced that its Geneus lab and data management solution will be integrated with the JMP Genomics statistical discovery application from SAS to provide a comprehensive system for managing and analysing large genomic data sets.

Geneus manages sample information and user workflows, and summarises raw data from vast genomic data sets. JMP Genomics then provides interactive downstream analysis to uncover meaningful patterns in high-throughput genetics, expression microarray and proteomics data.

This integration will let research organisations maximise their return on investment by generating high-quality genomic data sets and applying specialised statistical analysis tools to identify crucial nuggets of information hidden in long lists of candidate genes or biomarkers.

JMP Genomics links advanced statistics with graphics to provide a complete picture of research results, whether the data comes from traditional microarray studies or from summarised results produced by next-generation technologies. Geneus is a highly configurable and flexible lab and data management system that supports workflows across multiple technology platforms, including next-generation sequencing instruments. It provides genomics facilities with an end-to-end solution, from sample and workflow management to automating pipelines and consolidation of data enabling analysis.


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