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GenoLogics has announced a data and workflow management solution for genomics researchers and systems biologists. Geneus, will be based on an open, configurable, integrating platform. Geneus facilitates the collection, organisation, management, and analysis of genomics information, allowing users to focus on their science challenges rather than their workflow and data management.

Geneus will provide: tend-to-end data management for gene expression and genotyping processes; a fully customisable, open platform based on an open-integration, automated and adaptive workflow; streamlined sample submission, reporting and billing; extensive capabilities for quality control enforcement in the lab; and a web interface that enables immediate publication of results.

Geneus is suitable for both high-throughput labs and low-throughput labs. It provides support for gene expression and genotyping from industry leading genomics workflow vendors including Affymetrix, Illumina and Applied Biosystems.


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