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Geneious 4.7

Biomatters has released v4.7 of Geneious, its sequence analysis software for researchers and clinicians, featuring a range of new features.

Geneious 4.7 has a new ultra-fast sequence assembler that allows users to assemble sequences generated from the Sanger and 454 high-throughput methods to a reference genome. It is the first release in a three-phase release-strategy that will provide increasing support for next-generation high-throughput sequence data with SOLiD and Genome Analyzer II (Solexa) support to follow in the next release all in the most user-friendly environment available.

Other new features in Geneious 4.7 include extensive import of Vector NTI files, query-centric alignment, primer database, 454 import and handling, keyboard preferences, dynamic DNA translation to protein for any selection, structure and ORF prediction on alignments, and multi-region sequence selection.

Vector NTI support allows users to switch seamlessly from their existing software to Geneious as easy as drag and drop, making it a versatile Vector NTI alternative.  


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