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Geneious Pro 5.0

Biomatters has released version 5.0 of Geneious Pro, the latest update to its powerful sequence analysis software. This upgrade allows full bacterial genome assembly for data generated by Illumina, 454, SOLiD, Helicos and other leading sequencers to be done on a desktop computer and features many improvements to visualise, browse and analyse the large volumes of data created with next generation sequencing.

Geneious Pro features a number of analysis tools for mutation detection, repeat finding and a new split-screen viewer for opening multiple different views of the same sequence. For example, the 'variation finder' can detect all mutations in a novel bacterial strain by comparing it to an ancestral strain using the reference assembly method, to determine the underlying genetics of its observed phenotype. The new split-screen view allows navigation of the genome by these annotations as well as superb support for in silico cloning and restriction analyses. User testing with researchers around the world has focused on streamlining regular tasks and workflows to accelerate discoveries.


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