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Geneious Biologics drives US, Europe and Asia expansion

Bioinformatics software company Biomatters has announced that it has opened new offices in Denmark and made key management appointments in North America, Europe, and Asia to service growing demand from enterprises involved in biologic drug development.

The announcement follows the recent launch of Biomatters’ Geneious Biologics solution, a scalable and configurable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to give enterprises undertaking biologic drug development the tools to leverage ‘big data’ during precision antibody discovery, improving accuracy and minimising failures. 

In addition to the recent appointment of Sales Director Wayne Hsu (Asia-Pacific) and Key Account Managers Sarah Koeppen (US) and Simon Asbjørn-Larsen (Western Europe), Biomatters will, in the coming months, fill additional sales management and field application scientist roles in North America, Europe, and Asia.

‘Worldwide sales of antibody biologic drugs are projected to reach more than $140 billion by 2020 and we see this momentum reflected in demand for Geneious Biologics and growth of our established Geneious application,” said Biomatters CEO Andrew Steel. 

‘Geneious Biologics was launched less than two months ago and is building a strong customer base already. Our sales pipeline is extremely robust with strong demand across all geographies,’ he said.

The biologic drug market is a huge opportunity for Biomatters as biopharma companies and commercial enterprises seek solutions that provide scalable data management and computation, in order to increase process efficiencies and accelerate drug discovery.

‘We need to anticipate significant sales growth in the coming period. Our increased presence in Europe and Asia, and expansion of our North American operation are important steps toward ensuring we meet demand,’ said Steel. 


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