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Freezerworks Unlimited version 4.0

Dataworks Development has launched version 4.0 of its Freezerworks Unlimited software program for sample management and tracking. The Unlimited version of Freezerworks is used by more than 250 laboratories, clinics and biorepositories worldwide. The upgrade is currently available for PC and is based on user surveys of the Freezerworks Unlimited user base.

Version 4.0 offers new capabilities in user-defined field configuration (building field and colour values based on other fields and calculations), aliquot management and sample and aliquot updating. An improved user interface offers streamlined options for printing and exporting sample data after utilising power search features to locate samples and their associated aliquots.

The upgrade also offers an integrated screen for streamlining Group management options - manage group membership and its screens, freezers and viewing access levels from one window. Scheduled searches alert managers of important inventory developments, e.g., when reagents and other material reach low levels and need to be replenished.

Version 4.0 is written and developed according to FDA Guidelines for Software Development. Freezerworks Unlimited is certified Bronze level by caBIG, the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid initiative.


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