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Exemplar LIMS Web Client 1.0

Sapio Sciences has released Exemplar LIMS Web Client 1.0, a highly configurable LIMS, ELN and SDMS solution. Exemplar is rapidly configurable to each specific lab's requirements, and presents a clean and intuitive user interface experience for LIMS users. The Exemplar LIMS core interface is a cross platform Java-based client that is the result of years of human engineering experience to ensure that, even though Exemplar's capabilities continue to be extended and encompass other product domains, its ease of use and intuitiveness of operation remain intact.

With this new product, Sapio is extending the reach of the LIMS to browser-based devices outside the network boundaries via secure access to LIMS data. The web client follows the same principles of design that exist in the Java client for a consistent end user experience regardless of how they are accessing the LIMS.

Exemplar LIMS Web Client 1.0 can be used in most modern browsers, and Sapio has also certified the device on the iPad 2 and Android tablets, so now LIMS data can be accessed not only outside an organizations network, but also on these new devices.


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