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Exemplar LIMS v2

Sapio Sciences has released Exemplar LIMS v2, which is the latest version of its LIMS system.


This release includes the Workflow Manager, which enables easy creation of complex workflows in minutes to track any laboratory procedure and enforce data collection at key points in any protocol.


Advanced plug-in architecture is also included that makes extending Exemplar straightforward, leading to rapid integration with existing applications and equipment/robotics.


Enhancement of data management capabilities also allows for easy creation of point and click export criteria of biomarker data for analysis by third party tools, and a LIMS customisation wizard allows for the creation of forms and fields in minutes, with no programming and complete backward compatibility. New reports include the storage unit report, showing detailed inventory for freezers/boxes/drawers, etc and system object inventory reporting.


These is a document management capability where any type of document such as Word docs (e.g. consent forms), spreadsheets, image files etc. can be loaded into the LIMS and associated with LIMS objects like samples, aliquots, clinical subjects, experiments, etc.


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