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E-WorkBook Suite 8.2

IDBS has released E-WorkBook Suite 8.2, the latest version of its ELN that captures and stores both contextual and experimental fact data in a searchable, secure, traceable and compliant environment. The new version provides enhanced support for controlled data entry processes, easier and faster data entry and analysis, and Intellectual Property (IP) protection capabilities.

E-WorkBook is used in many regulated DMPK, bioanalysis, formulations, and toxicology laboratories that require rigorous control of workflows and data entry processes. This latest version includes enhanced template intelligence features, including non-deletable items, enforced sequential data entry, granular drag-and-drop and full template version tracking, all of which reduce the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance. For example, the ability to search and find experiments that used a specific template name and version significantly improves traceability and problem resolution.

E-WorkBook now includes plug-and-play integration with digital signature infrastructures that enables researchers to protect their IP and conform to company policies even more easily. Version 8.2 is certified by SAFE-BioPharma, the pharmaceutical industry's signature standards body. Any SAFE-BioPharma compliant electronic identity system can be quickly and easily configured to work with E-WorkBook. Version 8.2 also includes performance improvements to curve fitting functions, pdf generation, data loading, search capabilities and chemistry queries.

This release includes significant enhancements to multistep chemical pathway generation, rendering and searching, which are of particular importance in metabolite identification and process optimisation. A 'Print To' function, increased data exchange capabilities and enhanced analytical data capture and visualisation are all features that scientists in the areas of method development and validation describe as class-leading.


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