IDBS extends validated service to the cloud

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After The E-WorkBook Cloud launch earlier this year, IDBS has now enhanced its capabilities by adding a pre-qualified service to the suite, which has been designed to help organisations streamline their compliance processes for good practice (GxP) regulated systems. We call it The E-WorkBook GxP Cloud.

IDBS has provided enhanced validation services for its on-premise customers for over ten years and it has now integrated its qualification know-how to extend this a service for cloud customers. IDBS has a team of site reliability engineering experts dedicated to managing the software – offering a scalable and comprehensive service to its customers, from a tailored onboarding process to full deployment.

Stuart Ward, Head of Business Analysis at IDBS said: ‘IDBS’ E-WorkBook GxP Cloud reduces the customer’s time and cost to get up and running with a regulated system, putting them in a more comfortable position for decision making, managing risk and in meeting validation objectives. The benefits of IDBS’ E-WorkBook GxP Cloud include customers being able to reap all the rewards of a cloud-based system while having a fully managed and documentation trail in the cloud service.’

IDBS has delivered over 30 validated installations for customers and continues to build on that number both in the cloud and on-premise.

AIT Bioscience, a contract research laboratory has used IDBS’ fully integrated, on-premise validated E-WorkBook 10 offering since 2016 to deliver strong scientific consultation and bioanalysis.

Timothy Grever, Vice President, Operations, at AIT Bioscience said: ‘We are committed to delivering strong scientific consultation and bioanalysis via a validated, comprehensive and fully-integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). E-WorkBook provides us with a strong validation package and good audit trails, and the hierarchical design of the system supports quick access to data and other information, enabling audit questions to be answered and resolved promptly.’

With The IDBS E-WorkBook GxP Cloud, research organisations can validate their systems and integrate the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model smoothly into their GxP regime. The service also provides access to reports for Infrastructure Qualification, Installation Qualification (IQ), and Operation Qualification (OQ) to support the customer’s validation workflow.