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E-WorkBook 9.3

IDBS has unveiled what it describes as significant new capabilities to E-WorkBook, its enterprise data management platform, with major enhancements to the web client and integrations with IDBS’ workflow and analytics engine. A new asset handling technology has also been released.

The company says the product is the only research and development informatics platform that provides interoperable web and desktop electronic lab notebooks (ELNs). This provides users with  flexibility across their organisation providing a single point of secure interaction with their data. E-WorkBook 9.3 extends the web capabilities with customised personal and project dashboards, providing fast and easy access to data and applications, including editing and content creation as well as the ability to complete tasks and workflows.

Also launched to work with 9.3 is InforSense for E-WorkBook. InforSense is IDBS’ sophisticated analytics and workflow system, used across R&D and the health sciences. InforSense for E-WorkBook delivers high-end analytical power into the hands of researchers through their notebook without the issues of integrating a separate product. It also allows analysts to build visual applications inside experiments by combining data from any source inside or outside their organisation.

E-WorkBook 9.3 also sees the introduction of the Asset Hub, which is intended to streamline and simplify the management of a wide range of assets across the R&D process. Other hubs will follow in future releases.

'Today’s R&D market expects and deserves powerful informatics platforms with broad capability, not costly integration headaches. It also needs to be able to create and work in secure, flexible communities supported by trusted data,' said Neil Kipling, CEO and founder of IDBS.

'Users too expect choices of interface and the ability to configure them to their needs. Most importantly our customers deserve thoughtful and innovative solutions to their data problems, including asset management and complex analytics. E-WorkBook 9.3 is a single platform our customers can base their entire R&D data ecosystem on.'


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