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Device 1.0

Lumerical Solutions, a provider of optoelectronic design software, has announced the release of Device 1.0, a TCAD device simulation tool for the design, analysis and optimisation of semiconductor optoelectronic devices.

Device provides an intuitive user interface for the complete physical layout, analysis and optimisation of optoelectronic devices through its integration with Lumerical’s photonic design tools. The comprehensive feature set offered by the tool allows it to address a wide set of applications including CMOS image sensors, photovoltaic devices and photonic integrated circuit elements.

From the outset, Device was designed to utilise the intuitive interface offered by Lumerical’s FDTD Solutions and MODE Solutions to reduce the learning required and increase productivity for both new and existing users.

Together with a data import/export capability that links these products together, users can access a broad array of optoelectronic modeling capabilities in a set of tools that historically have only been available by using disparate products, often obtained from multiple companies.

'Traditionally, the optical and electrical aspects of optoelectronic devices have been modelled using tools from multiple vendors,' said Adam Reid, product manager. 'With the introduction of Device, optoelectronic component designers now have access to a comprehensive set of design tools that have been built from day one to work well together and are available from a single vendor.'


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