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MSC Software Corporation has entered into a strategic market development partnership with Next Limit Technologies for XFlow, a new Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution. XFlow uses a proprietary particle-based, fully Lagrangian approach to handling traditionally complex CFD problems in engineering, design, science, and architecture. It provides the ability to simulate the flow of gases and liquids, heat and mass transfer, moving bodies, multiphase physics, acoustics and fluid structure interaction.

Developed for engineers and analysts who require quick feedback on complex flow behaviour, the XFlow approach to CFD analysis enables complex modelling in a straightforward and intuitive manner, minimising the presence of algorithmic parameters and avoiding the traditionally time-consuming meshing process. XFlow features a novel particle-based kinetic algorithm that resolves the Boltzman and the compressible Navier-Stokes equations. The solver features state-of-the-art LES (Large Eddy Simulation) modelling, and advanced non-equilibrium wall models.

The solver also features thermal analysis, flow through porous media, non-Newtonian flows and complex boundary conditions including porous jump and fan models. With adaptive wake refinement, the engine automatically adapts the resolved scales to the user's requirements, refining the quality of the solution near the walls and dynamically adapting to the wake while the flow develops. A unified non-equilibrium wall function is used to model the boundary layer. This wall model works in all cases, meaning that it is not necessary to select between different algorithms and take care of different limitations related to each scheme. XFlow is fully parallelised for multi-core technology with near-linear scalability.


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