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Develve 1.2

Develve has announced the availability of its new statistical software package Develve 1.2. Develve is a statistical software package specialised for statistical analysis, it can be used to analyse, interpret and present data to obtain a detailed view of a data set's overall behaviour.

The software is designed to streamline statistical analysis, so that technical data can be interpreted fast and easily. This statistical package also aims to prevent users making false assumptions. It is suitable for less experienced users but advanced enough for more demanding applications.

Develve has no deep hidden menus, everything is directly accessible and the results are directly visible, to improve the productivity. Graphs are easily scrollable and can be magnified with just one click. When comparing different datasets the software will indicate if differences in average and variation are statistically significant. The software can also be used to indicate if sample size of the data sets may be influencing the results.

A free version of the software is available to users on the company’s website.


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