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SimGlycan 2.92

Premier Biosoft International has announced the worldwide release of version 2.92 of its MS data analysis tool, SimGlycan. SimGlycan, a high throughput glycan and glycopeptide structure elucidation tool, now includes comprehensive support to perform multi-stage/sequential mass spectrometry (MSn) data analysis, which involves re-fragmentation of product ions, and enables identification of structure specific fragment pathways.

Multi-stage mass analysis provides structural information that is useful in structure elucidation of metabolites, glycopeptides and glycans. It aids in discrimination of glycans having similar characteristic fragment ions at MS/MS level, and resolves heterogeneity of carbohydrate distribution and branching pattern of complex glycans, such as isobaric isomers.

‘Multi-stage mass spectrometry has become a powerful procedure for the investigation of protein glycosylation and therefore crucial for biopharmaceuticals,’ said Kay Brown, VP of business development and marketing.


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