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Debra LIMS v6

LabLogic Systems has launched Version 6 of its Debra LIMS for drug metabolism studies, the first new version to be introduced for 15 years. This new version makes provision for new ways of working in pharmaceutical research and rationalises complexities that had accumulated in the previous version as a consequence of continuous development to meet customer needs.

Version 6 has been tailored to the practice of using a single database for all sites that is favoured by many companies, usually through the medium of Citrix. Each site can now have its own configuration of Debra based on variants and specialisms such as geographic differentiation, GLP and non-GLP, protein binding and soil metabolism work.

There is also recognition of the fact that many pharmaceutical companies are now outsourcing in vivo work to contract labs, but retaining a metabolite profiling resource in house and therefore need to ship back biological samples and data for further analysis. To facilitate this, Version 6 users can import both current and legacy Version 5 study data for further reporting, PK analysis, pooling of samples and metabolite profiling, as well as consolidating all their data into a single database.

The barcode label printing facility in Version 6 has been expanded to include 2D barcodes that can carry much more information, even on small aliquot sample vials. The facility is also available for cage cards, treatment analysis aliquots and syringes.


Debra 6 also incorporates the functionality of Sara, LabLogic’s LIMS for environmental fate and soil metabolism residue studies.  This will be especially useful to contract laboratories offering this service alongside drug metabolism work who cannot justify the additional validation costs of installing the free-standing Sara.

The user interface of Debra 6 has been redesigned with a clear, consolidated structure with easy to understand icons and screens updated for greater clarity. The process of setting up security has been made more visual, and the menu of projects lists just the most recent to make selection easier.

All the innovations in Debra 6 have been developed using the latest technology, and designed and validated for the most recent database and operating systems - Oracle 11 and Windows 7.


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