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Debra 5.7.7

LabLogic Systems has released Debra 5.7.7, its LIMS platform for ADME studies. The latest release provides greater flexibility in reporting data and additional features.

For example, reports offer the same flexibility for reporting to significant figures as previously available for decimal places. In low dose level calculations, compound received data can now be displayed in micrograms as well as milligrams in the dosing data report. It is also easier to import WBA data from MCID analysis software and treatment concentrations are displayed to four decimal places on all screens.

Similarly, dilutions can be created in the protein binding module from the designed stage of a stock without having to analyse the existing stock/dilution first, and a full set of standard deviation fields has been added to the summary report.

Additional improvements to the configuration of splitting and pooling make the process quicker and easier to set up. In particular, the order preferred by each user in the pooling splitting screen is now saved on a user-by-user basis.


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