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Laura 4.0.5

LabLogic Systems has introduced release 4.0.5 of its Laura radiochromatography software, which features more than 150 improvements and innovations developed over the past 12 months. New features include a newly optimised Active Counting Mode, which is more reproducible than its predecessor and has better resolution, sensitivity, and control. Additionally, the new release includes interfaces for the iScan TLC radiopharmaceutical scanner, and also for the Waters Alliance (2695 and 2795) HPLC system with dual-absorbance detectors (2487 and 2489). The latter extends LabLogic’s association with Waters, which began with control of the Acquity UltraPerformance LC system at the end of 2008.

Other products receiving new or enhanced support from Laura 4.0.5 include the Agilent Binary-SL pump, Canberra MCA UniSpec detector, Gilson autosampler, Gilson FC204 fraction collector, LabLogic’s own SoFie stop-flow system, the Mini-Scan TLC scanner, Shimadzu HPLC system, Shimadzu autosamplers (SIL-20AHT, SIL-20ACHT) and Xcalibur MS software.


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