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Dasylab 13

A new version of Dasylab, the point-and-click data acquisition and control software from Measx is now available in the UK from Adept Scientific. Dasylab's function block interface makes it simple to set up and control measurement data applications in a standard PC Windows environment without programming, and version 13 sees a significant upgrade in capability and flexibility by allowing users to define their own custom functions to add to Dasylab's extensive library of drag-and-drop modules.

Users can create their own individually defined, custom function module using the open-source Python scripting environment (version 2.65). Using this new scripting module, users can write a custom computation, create a driver to communicate with hardware and software, or configure module and channel parameters. For example, a custom temperature scaling module can be created that takes one temperature input and outputs the temperature data in three different units. Dasylab’s flexible configuration of user interface and displays, interactive tutorial and more than 150 examples help users to quickly set up and develop applications.


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