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Spotfire 5.5

Tibco Software has released the latest version of its data discovery and visualisation platform, Spotfire 5.5, which dramatically increases the value of existing corporate data assets.

With Spotfire 5.5, the company says, enterprises not only maximise corporate investment through a unified approach to simultaneously work with data in-memory and directly query a wide variety of data systems and engines, but users now have the best of both worlds: self-service analytics plus central data access management.  

The software also integrates with Teradata Aster, Tibco DataSynapse GridServer and Tibco BusinessEvents, giving users the ability to use predictive analytics for real-time events and big data insights.

'Competition, productivity and innovation all depend on how enterprises make important information immediately available to knowledge professionals, yet companies must simultaneously control access to sensitive data,' said Lou Jordano head of worldwide product marketing for Tibco.

'The Spotfire enterprise-class data discovery platform recognises that data is a corporate asset which needs to be secured, while at the same time, providing instant self-service analytics to support the competitive, agile organisation.'


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