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Collect 6.1 Security Update

Labtronics has released an update for Collect 6.1, its software solution for interfacing and controlling instruments and devices via RS232 or TCP/IP.

Collect connects with interface ports such as RS232, parses (extracts) only the required results from the raw data streams and reports the values directly into Excel, Files, or any Windows application. Collect is an ideal solution for automating the use of balances, scales, pH, DO, density meters, spectrophotometers, force gages and many more serial output capable instruments.

Collect provides users with a very simple-to-set-up, flexible and easy-to-use program that eliminates the need to manually enter results and automatically adds meta-data such as time, date and user details to the output, as required.

This software update incorporates Windows security, allowing the administrator to assign separate access levels to different users of the Collect software. For example, a user can now be given the rights to run a Collect data collection method, but cannot make changes to methods or create their own methods.


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