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Bright Cluster Manager for OpenStack

Bright Computing, a provider of management solutions for clusters and clouds, has released the Bright Cluster Manager for OpenStack. This add-on for version 7 of the Bright software enables customers to deploy OpenStack private clouds on bare metal servers, providing a complete OpenStack solution with full life-cycle management.

Integrating provisioning of the physical cluster with the Icehouse release of the OpenStack software stack, Bright Cluster Manager 7 reduces the time and effort required to get a private cloud into production.

The software is designed to automate the complicated configuration and setup operations for OpenStack clouds, so system administrators don’t have to manage configuration files manually. The aim is to provide a headache-free network configuration to simplify the task of networking OpenStack servers together.

Storage management is handled using Ceph, a unified, high-performance, distributed storage system. By decoupling the physical storage this way, systems administrators do not have to track storage in the cloud.

Bright’s integrated OpenStack monitoring and health checks let operators find and fix problems quickly, sometimes even detecting impending failures before they occur.

‘Bright Cluster Manager 7 for OpenStack expands our cloud management capabilities into on-premise private clouds, giving customers more options to choose from when deploying their infrastructure,’ said Dr Matthijs van Leeuwen, founder and CEO of Bright Computing. ‘Bright Cluster Manager 7 enables customers to build their own in-house alternative to public clouds, giving them much more flexibility in controlling their productivity and their infrastructure costs.’ 


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