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Biomax Informatics has released version 4.0 of BioXM, its enterprise platform for semantic data integration and knowledge management.

Version 4.0 introduces web-application functionality (web apps) and numerous other enhancements. It adds the ability to publish browser-based web applications that dynamically access the semantic network maintained by the BioXM enterprise server, thus providing an easy-to-use web front-end for untrained users. Building on an open source wiki framework, a set of wiki-plug-ins allows users to publish BioXM smart folders easily, query templates and reports, and interactively browse, annotate, add and modify content in the knowledge environment in a familiar web browser.

Other functionality increases overall usability and allows application in areas that previously have been difficult to address. Specifically, the introduction of spreadsheet-style formulas allows on-the-fly calculations directly within object tables or network graph style definitions. This simplifies mathematical analyses and drawing of charts. Additional functionality expands the network graph capabilities and dynamic visualisation styles now allow greater flexibility to tailor graph presentation to exact research needs.


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