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Biomax adds Pedant-Pro technology to Illuminas BaseSpace Apps

Biomax Informatics AG has announced the addition of its Pedant-Pro technology to Illumina’s BaseSpace Apps, Illumina’s applications store and informatics community dedicated to advancing genomic analysis.

Using the PEDANT BaseSpace App, researchers can analyse bacterial DNA sequences with Biomax’s enterprise-scale genome analysis engine, the Pedant-Pro Sequence Analysis Suite.

The PEDANT app allows researchers to put their sequencing results in context with multiple levels of existing knowledge, visualise DNA and protein features, and share their results with their colleagues, via the BaseSpace cloud.

Biomax CEO, Dr Klaus Heumann said: ‘Analysis of NGS data poses a real bottleneck in the life sciences. The PEDANT app gives researchers a convenient way to find and share real value in their data using the most comprehensive analysis tool available. BaseSpace Apps allows us to offer the Pedant-Pro technology at a competitive price and directly give our users the benefits of more flexible access and efficient use of computer resources.’

The Pedant-Pro software uses the most reliable, up-to-date sequence analysis algorithms to give researchers the ‘big picture’ while simultaneously allowing them to drill down on comprehensive details like:

·        Gene and ORF prediction

·        Functional classification of genes and proteins

·        Prediction of non-coding RNA and DNA features

·        Ontology assignments

·        Multiple alignments

·        Protein domain predictions

·        Assignment of two- and three-dimensional structural properties

A comprehensive report for each gene and protein provides an overview of relevant features with links to underlying databases. Interactive viewers designed for exploring genomic data show the details of genes, genetic elements and all protein features.

Informatics solutions available through BaseSpace Apps allow customers to utilize the tools from a growing community of academic, commercial, and open source providers. Visit Illumina's BaseSpace to log in and access the PEDANT BaseSpace App.


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