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AMD's Opteron 6000 series platform

SGI has announced the availability of AMD's Opteron 6000 series platform in SGI server lines, offering increased performance and energy efficiency.

Support for the new Opteron 6000 series platforms is offered across SGI’s entire design-to-order server portfolio, including CloudRack and Rackable scale-out servers and SGI InfiniteStorage servers.  The ICE Cube modular data centre also supports AMD Opteron processors for the first time.  With up to 12 cores per processor, SGI servers gain dramatic increases in core density - up to 1,824 cores per rack with CloudRack C2 servers and up to 2,208 cores per rack with Rackable half-depth servers.  ICE Cube modular data centres can now scale to 41,760 cores per container.

As part of SGI’s increased commitment to AMD processor support, SGI expects to release AMD Opteron processor-based configurations of its Altix ICE high performance computing clusters and Octane III personal supercomputer later this year.  Similarly, the SGI HPC cluster software stack will also be available on the AMD Opteron platform for the first time.


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